Track Length: 1,5 km

Total attempts: 4 times

One attempt is 10 rounds and about 15 km. 


After what has been the most hectic couple of days the team has ever had, our car is finally cleared for the track! 

We knew there was a bit of work left mostly for our electrical group, but we couldn’t imagine how much work it would end up being. There was a plan, and we knew what had to be done and that we had time before we had to get through the Technical Inspection, but as it tends to be it wasn’t that simple… So in the last couple of days it has felt that if something could go wrong, it did go wrong and off course everything has to be perfect on the car! It wasn’t anything major that was wrong, it’s been mostly small things here and there had to be fixed, but it all takes hours upon hours of work to complete. Which means that there has been some very, very long days working to get everything perfect in time. To be perfectly honest at some point today we weren’t sure that we could finish everything in time, but we did! Especially thanks to the boys in our electrical group You wouldn’t believe how hard they have worked the last couple of days to get everything ready, they have managed to create miracles and we are so fortunate to have them on our team! So because of that and off course the hard work of every member of this team, our car passed every station in the Technical Inspection with flying colours!

We got so many nice comments from the technical inspectors! We are especially proud about the fact that they told us that our brakes were some of the best ones they had seen! 

Off course it's not just the car that has to pass the Technical Inspection, but both our drivers had to pass too! They both where quite nervous about getting out of the car in 10 seconds or less, but they needn’t have worried, because they did! So both the car and both our drivers are ready for the race tomorrow!

Before we here at DNV GL Fuel Fighter get's a couple of hours of sleep, let us look back about a week when car arrived in London. Two of our team members drove it all the way from Norway and across Europe and into London, arriving late Saturday and they along with our project and technical managers joined them on Sunday to get our car into the garage. And the rest of us arrived Monday and Tuesday by plane. Going from the rainy cold of Trondheim and to the sun and heat here in London was quite a shock, mostly because we didn’t think the weather would be this warm so we weren't really prepared for it. Next year we will bring team t-shirts! 

All of us have been looking forward to this week for almost a year, we have worked hard building and designing our car and we love it to bits. Our car is a labour of love, you can’t spend so many hours every week working on something and not love what you do!

And with that, goodnight from us here at DNV GL Fuel Fighter, remember to follow us on Instagram for picture updates from London and Facebook for a live stream of the race tomorrow!