After getting our car through the technical inspection yesterday, we had an early start this morning to work on the car to make it ready for the race. Which meant that bright and early the team went to the track to start working and we got the car on the track for the first time this week!

We hoped that finally everything would be working smoothly for us, but as it often is in motorcading, it didn’t. Our car started and everything seemed fine until our driver, Sivert started driving it and he didn’t get far before he decided to stop the car on the track. The reason for this is that it was making strange sounds, and as it shouldn’t, something was clearly wrong, and trying to drive could end up damaging the car even further.

When we got the car back into the garage we immediately started to investigate the issue to find it, and after a short while we figured out that a part connected to one of our wheels where slightly loose so the sound was coming from it moving around. We are quite grateful that Siverts quick thinking probably saved the car from getting any damage! 

Our mechanical group got working on it straight away and in just two hours they managed to get everything back in working order and we were ready to get the car out on the test track to try it there. This time our reserve driver, Anne-Maren was driving the car, and as you can see on our Instagram the car was looking to be in working order. After a couple of runs on the test track we just had enough time to get the car to the second run of the competition, again we got the car over the line just in time and it worked! The car climbed the hill with no issues, the speed was good and it was looking to be doing quite well on the track! Or it was until warning lights showed up on the dash. This time about the electrical system not working quite right, so Sivert, who was behind the wheel, drove the car back into the pits, ending our second run after just one lap. 

It seems that the car is working fine, it just needed to be tweaked and fine tuned here and there, so both the electrical and mechanical groups are working hard in the garage making sure everything is perfect for the two runs tomorrow! 

We are quite confident in our car’s ability, and the car will be ready to start the race tomorrow. All we can do is our best to double check everything, and off course cross our fingers and hope to the gods of engineering that nothing more will go wrong tomorrow!