Most of you already know that we never got to do a valid run on the track. It was disappointing that we never got to show how good our car is on the track! Especially knowing that the one round we managed to drive was quite good! We got up the hill with no issues and it was showing good speed and all seemed to be well. But as we told you earlier the car gave out warnings about the electrical system so Sivert, our driver decided to terminate the run after that lap.  

All week we have worked nonstop to improve and fix everything that went wrong during testing, it is expected that a car will have components that fail during testing, the gap between theory and reality is quite huge and only testing can eliminate the growing pains from the car. Which meant that in the end we just have to accept that even if we have a well built car it was quite ambitious to not only build and design a new car in just eight months, while also changing the fuel source from hydrogen to batteries. We did work on the car up until the very last moment, and we won’t stop working on it even if the 2017 Shell Eco-marathon is over for our part.  

We are so proud of our little car and all the work that went into it. We have worked long hours for the entire school year and even longer this week to get everything designed, built and improved. We almost managed it, but we barely did any testing with the car to find any issues it might have, so the aforementioned growing pains showed up en masse during this week. We knew that going to London with an almost finished car without having tested it much meant that it would take a miracle to get it through technical inspection! Then another miracle to get it ready for the competition. We managed to get one miracle thanks to every member of the team not giving up on and working on the car from early morning until late night, all week! 

Technical inspection was such an confident boost for the entire team, we was told over and over again how good our car was, how well we had done both the mechanical and electrical components in the car. Our design was also complemented for being good. Quite a few people couldn’t believe how much we had achieved in such a short time! So we really believed that we could get the car across the finish line, and we still believe that the car is able to do so, we just needed a bit more time.  

A big thank you from everyone in the team each and everyone for the support this year! Especially DNV GL for being the best main sponsor a team could have! But also off course to Shell for organising the Shell Eco-Marathon and to all the other teams for being such a nice bunch of people! So even if we never got the car race ready, we learnt so much and we will go home with experiences and knowledge we would never want to not have. Just you guys wait to see us next year! Our little blue car and the DNV GL Fuel Fighter team will be in the competition for sure!

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