Last Saturday we had one of our workshops, this time to both work on risk assessment and welcome our new team members! As the competition is only three months away, we know that there might be a lot of things that could go wrong before everything is all set to go to London. To ensure that we will see the finish line at the Shell Eco Marathon this Summer, we used the workshop to focus on identifying risks.

When we have our workshops we aren't only focused on what we have to do before London, but also on our team spirit! So for us students (and most people we imagine) what could be better than ordering pizza and eating together to make that happen?

After a day of working, coming up with new ideas and eating pizza to make us into an even stronger team for the track, we went out to have some fun to work on friendship as we here at DNV GL Fuel Fighter believe that it isn’t only important that we work together well as a team, but also build friendships that will hopefully last longer than this project!

All in all it was a successful workshop, both practically and on a more personal level, we are all already looking forward to the next time we get together as a team!