Application deadline Wednesday 13.09, 23:59

DNV GL Fuel Fighter are working to develop and build an ultra energy efficient electric car to participate in Shell Eco Marathon. We compete in the Urban Concept class, here sustainability is key, and students around the world are challenged to find tomorrow's transport solutions.

DNV GL Fuel Fighter needs you to realize our existing contribution, and find innovative solutions for the next generation concept. You will also get 7.5 credits for joining us!

Come to our info meeting September 12th, 17.15 at VE1 to know more. There will be free pizza!



The design team will work in with the aesthetics of the existing car, primarily focusing on exterior face-lift and interior. The concept of car body design for next-generation car is now in its initial phase, and this will eventually be a priority. Here will exploring existing urban car concepts and creating user analysis be important, and further the design of the car body. No previous experience is necessary but some interest and knowledge with product design is valued.

Interior: Design of interior focusing on weight, function and aesthetics in the existing car. Working alongside R&D developing the next concept.

Visually outside: Give existing car a new design by changing paint and new lights. Photorealistic rendering of the car is highly relevant to show how any changes will look. Working alongside R&D developing the next concept.



The electrical team is a group of student engineers who design the electronics for the DNV GL Fuel Fighter vehicle. From power electronics and the propulsion system to lights and window wipers. Nearly every domain of electronics and programming is explored to achieve high technology solutions.

No prior experience is needed, but some interest and insight into electronics and programming is appreciated. Training in relevant programs and concepts will be given.

Battery and Battery Management System: Creating, buying or modifying a battery management system and battery solution for the vehicle. Tasks may include PCB-design, programming and testing.

Motor controller: Design and construction of a motor controller for controlling the propulsion of the vehicle. Tasks may include PCB-design, programming and testing.

Power Infrastructure: Safely routing power to the different auxiliary systems of the car. Tasks may include PCB-design, programming and testing.

Telemetry logging and communication: Acquiring data from the car by wireless communication and logging for further analysis. Tasks may include developing communication protocols and data logging tools.

Data Visualization: Creating a program for displaying telemetry data and information from the car for optimization of driving strategy and vehicle components.

Dashboard and User Interface: Modify or create a dashboard with information for the driver of the vehicle. Display information on a screen or other methods. Information could be vehicle velocity, remaining battery capacity or lap times.

Auxiliary Systems: Responsible for stable auxiliary systems on the vehicle, this includes window wiper electronics, lights, horn and other smaller systems. Tasks may include PCB-design or modification of already existing equipment and programming.



The Mechanical team is a group of student engineers who are responsible for the mechanical components of the DNV GL Fuel Fighter vehicle. Using everything from advanced modeling software to a hand wrench, we construct and build the mechanical parts of the car. If you are interested in stuff like moulding carbon fibre, creating efficient car brakes and suspension, or testing aerodynamics in simulations and wind tunnels, this is the team for you.

No prior experience is needed, but some interest and knowledge in mechanics and/or materials is appreciated.

Test rig for motors: Develop and build a test rig/dynamo meter for the motor and drivetrain where the final goal is to simulate the track by simulating the forces acting upon the car.

Interior: Refine and optimize the car's interior. Main focus is steering wheel and driver control panels.  

Windows: Design and make a large vacuum former for use in window shaping. 

Brackets: Design and simulate brackets for the suspensions. Tasks include CAD, finite element analysis and looking into possibilities for additive manufacturing in metal.

Steering and brakes: Improve and optimize steering and brake systems. 



New this year is a diverse R&D team that will be in the start-up phase of developing the next-generation concept. The main focus will be the design of new body / monocoque by looking at opportunities for using innovative techniques such as generative design and 3D printing, starting the development of the car that will compete in spring 2019. No previous experience is necessary but some interest and knowledge is described is valued in the different positions.

Optimization by evolutionary algorithms: Exploring and finding methods for using generative design / topology optimization of next-generation car body. Some experience with programming/simulation is preferred

Aerodynamics: Exploring and finding methods for simulation of aerodynamics with the help of generative design, optimizing the next-generation car body. Some experience with fluid mechanics is  preferred.

3D printing: Explore the possibilities for using 3D printed forms for the development and production of carbon fiber parts, preferably with some experience with composites.



DNV GL Fuel Fighters marketing team will work on reaching as many people as possible, both students and the media. We will during this year create videos for our YouTube-Channel, write blog post, travel around to promote our car and consistently share pictures and updates in both social media and the more traditional media channels. No prior experience is needed, we are mainly looking for people who wants to do their best!

Photo and Video: Take pictures and videos for use in marketing, YouTube-videos and such. 

The Webpage: Update the webpage, also keep the website up to date during the year. 

Graphic Design: Create posters and other material for promoting the team.